Israel Minister Announces Plan To Ban Fur Trade

Israel minister announces plan to ban fur trade

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HWH COMMENT: Once again and true to form Israel makes promises of painful sacrifices with scads of preconditions and reasons why not instead of why for. Their plan sounds more like removing an outpost than disbanding an illegal settlement.

Banning fur except for scientific research, education, religious and tradition practices?

Name one scientific experiment that needs to be done by skinning an animal alive for their fur. There are none.

Name one educational benefit for skinning an animal alive for their fur, other than teaching children how to do it. There are none.

Name one religious or traditional ceremony that benefits the hearts, minds and souls of people during a religious or traditional ceremony by previously skinning animals alive for their fur. There are none.

Wearing fur hats during religious ceremonies is the same as religious sacrifice. It’s evil.

NEW HEADLINE according to HWH.

Jews Plan Legislation To Make Religious Sacrifice Of Animals For Their Fur Lawful

It’s a political ploy as everything the Jews do in Palestine is politically staged to sway the world to win the world’s favor against the Palestinians, whom Jews also, for science, education and religion purposes lay claim to their God-given and United Nation mandated by law right to enslave, torture and slaughter on Palestinians on their homeland in their own homes, in their own beds.

“As long as we do it for morally acceptable purposes, then it’s okay to enslave, torture and slaughter? That’s what my mind interprets from everything surrounding the release of this article about the partial ban on furs. It’s the same as a partial ban on settlement building, until the world settles down to the realization that they’ve been duped for decades and Israeli courts exonerate Benjamin Netanyahu to reign as dictator or not it doesn’t matter, as long as the Jews control all of Palestine and all who inhabit it.

Campbell MacDiarmid got it wrong in the title of the article or whoever wrote or edited it.

Jews do not intend to ban fur trade. They announce a partial ban and then equivocate over that, which means it means nothing except to plant the ban seed into the world’s mind as an appeasement appetizer for what’s to come in the main meal – the complete overtaking of Palestine and making it into a nation called Israel.

Jews have already taken away the Palestinians’ heritage name of Palestinian and changed it to Arab worldwide, everywhere in every country where Jews keep/write the books.

Evidently the Arab states are on board with the plan, since the chastisement of the Palestinians living on Palestinian homelands has already begun with Saudi Arabia leading the pack.

But the real news that the so-called animal rights groups didn’t see is that the practice of religious sacrifice will now be accepted as morally correct and necessary by law.

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Since the Jews in Palestine declared Tel Aviv the Vegan Capital of the world, the world deserves to know which global animal rights organizations, not run by Jews, applauded this partial fur ban that included religious sacrifice to be excluded from the ban?

Why didn’t Campbell MacDiarmid include that in the research for this piece before it made its way to international palates this morning via the Telegraph and Yahoo News?

Too many questions left unanswered. Why? Because of lazy journalism or political manipulation. Any other reasons?

Why would Hasidic Jews in New York be concerned about a partial ban on fur in Palestine? Because somebody might actually block them from religiously sacrificing dogs, foxes, minks, cats for their fur.

Lawyers Looking For Loopholes

How obvious are the loopholes here? Banning furs for fashion? Research, education, religion and tradition all have their fashion. Wearing fur hats is fashion, whether it’s to church, temple or mosque or out night-clubbing.

Leave tradition and religion alone means to leave alone what we’ve always done. Fur fashion is one of those things we’ve always done. It’s tradition – from way-y-y back. Enslavement, torture and slaughter of all animals is rooted in tradition, not rooted in necessity as the anthropologists keep selling to the minds who inquire.

The earth-land was always here with the seeds to grow the fruit of survival. That humans took the grizzly way of eating and wearing other beings does not mean it was necessary. Most of what humans did and continue to do is not required for survival.

Will people with fur hats, coats, shoes, boots, be banned from wearing them in public places? What will they do with closets full of useless fur attire? Will they be banned from purchasing furs? How does one enforce a purchasing ban? Does the fur shop first inquire, on a required form, if the purchasing person is a Jew from Palestine? Or from Israel, that isn’t recognized by most of the world as a state?

They don’t live in Africa, they don’t live in Palestine, even though they occupy Palestine, most of the world doesn’t recognize them as a legal nation, so where do they live? We need an address to send these furs. So they can buy them but not wear them. And they can give them to gifts to all the people in New York where there is no ban?

Jews talk about the fur trade as if it’s illegal, like the slave trade. It should be illegal, but it isn’t. It’s like the tobacco industry that kills people via its cigarette product, yet allows the product to be grown and sold, yet bans the use of it in certain places – by law.

Is the slave trade illegal? Are there any national and international laws which prohibit the sale of humans? I don’t know; I wouldn’t know where to look. It still happens. Maybe it’s banned under other laws with loopholes or stretchability factors or off-label type of legislation.

The Russians who were invited to steal the homes of Palestinians by Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu aren’t going to give up their furs. Okay, the Jews first popped a Palestinian, then bulldozed the home when the Palestinian fought back, then gave it to a Russian laying in waiting like somebody waiting to adopt a baby that isn’t born yet. It was an industry. It still is.

For the United Nations to have laws governing OCCUPATION, then there must have been occupiers before the Jews jumped into occupying territory. The British are the main offenders and the prize-winners of most countries occupied. So maybe they have the most influence at the United Nations. They sit on the fence a lot, though the fence-sitting often speaks louder than one vote. To the dismay of the Palestinians, the wait and see, get yourselves better positioned, let’s let the Jews soar first, ramifications are too big to handle now or ever, so let them figure it out on their own, non-intervention strategies all failed to help the Palestinians, while succeeding in helping the Jewish occupiers.

Fence-sitting done the British way is actually intervening. The Palestinians could do all those things on their own if you’d stop blocking them.

  • The British did the same thing to me. ‘If you’re going to succeed, you’re going to do it on your own’.
  • Then stop blocking me.
  • Like I ever asked for anything. Who would I ask?
  • Don’t forget, in the field where I work, the field is level.

Jews are bartering with the lives of animals to gain support for the overthrow of and land acquisition rights to Palestine. It’s going to take more than getting Benjamin Netanyahu out of jail to stop atrocities committed against animals as a way of life no matter if you call research the new fashion, or education the new fashion, or religion or tradition the new fashions or not.

Israel minister announces plan to ban fur trade

I ask, where’s the plan? What use in announcing a plan that isn’t a plan yet? Political manipulation is the only accurate answer. Fake news purposely designed to mislead the populace. Will it work? Tick Tock Tick Tock. Clocks are off these days. Perfect timing for whom the bell actually tolls will require a more comprehensive plan.

If all animal exploitation and abuse can be categorized as science, education, instruction, religion and tradition, then the legislation will be making all animal exploitation and abuse lawful in 2020. There’s that huge loophole that encompasses all animal enslavement, torture and slaughter.

How about the military and intelligence agencies? Are they exempt from skinning animals alive? Do they fall under the category of “instruction”? So they use non-human animals to practice skinning for when they need to do it to a human animal? Who are these humans that need it done to them? How do Jews choose which humans get skinned? If that’s the ‘instruction’ purpose of the exemption, then who is getting practiced on and who is the target down the road, when Jews feel a need to do it?

See, nobody said anything about this. Nobody even inquired? Is that where journalists are today, they don’t question unless it’s about somebody’s private life?

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Take a look at this hat and tell me it isn’t fashion.

My take is there are too many loopholes and too many variables wrapped into an approach, an idea, that hasn’t been formally formulated and legislated yet.

I’m going to wash the kitchen floor tomorrow. What are the chances of me doing that? Fifty-fifty. With my history of procrastination, it won’t happen – not tomorrow.

When the Jews decide to legislate a plan, it will be a meaningless piece of legislation – like anti-hair discrimination for Africans in the USA. In the meanwhile all animals, including the human animal continue to suffer unabated.

Animal rights organizations were negligent in not asking questions that need answers. They don’t seem to have a part in the legislative process except to rubber stamp whatever the Jews want.

Israel minister announces plan to ban fur trade

Campbell MacDiarmid Mon, October 5, 2020, 10:40 AM EDT

Source: Israel minister announces plan to ban fur trade

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