Extreme Discrimination


It doesn’t make the news when a black cop kills a white person, only when a white cop kills a black person.

The reporting of that news is extreme discrimination. What it means is that it’s okay if a black cop kills any color, but not okay when a white cop kills a black color, which means blacks put the lives of blacks before the lives of whites.

Blacks don’t care if a black cop kills a white color. Yet, they want white people to care when a white cop kills a black color. That’s extreme discrimination. So, it’s not the act of killing that they object to, it’s the color killing they can’t accept. That’s extreme discrimination.

They can’t deny that. Everybody’s lives must matter. Yet, every time they burn and destroy cities they are putting more worth on a black person committing a crime than the white person sworn to uphold the law. That’s discrimination.

If black cops had killed unarmed black people while in violation of the law, there would have been no objections. No protests. That is extreme discrimination.

Burning cities is directed straight at white people – nobody else. That’s extreme discrimination. They are burning and screaming at only white people, no other race or ethnicity is singled out.

Not once has the black race called for Antifa to stop the carnage on their behalf. They know they’re coming and are part of the planning process. Violent symbols pop up everywhere used to terrorize people into submission – to submit to their will is extreme discrimination, enslavement and torture.

That you would allow people to destroy lives and property on your behalf speaks to your character. It makes you hit men and women. What would make you think the world would turn in favor of hit men and women? Mobs hire people to do their hits and beat up people and threaten their families and destroy their property if they don’t submit or pay what they demand. Sounds like you and Antifa have a mob relationship.

By your actions and inaction you prove the stereotypes about your race that you claim aren’t correct. It’s on the news every day – you proving that laws mean nothing to you. That inflicting pain on others means nothing to you. You even do it on a stage for the entire world to see what you’re made of.

Who are you? What are you?

People without a conscience?

That’s the look. That’s what you’re displaying to the world.

Psychopathic behaviors with extreme discrimination. Supremacists. Separatists.

How rich are you? Any kids with rich parents in that mob relationship?

If the WHITE COLOR DIDN’T MATTER, black people wouldn’t be burning down their businesses to get their attention. Just the fact that they destroy lives and property to be heard shows, again, extreme discrimination. They’re not asking for a sit-down and let’s hear all sides. They want what they want through violent life-destroying means.

They want only their side to be heard. If you start talking, they will shout you down. They don’t want to hear your voice. They don’t want anybody else to hear your voice either. That’s extreme discrimination.

Silencing voices is dictatorial and goes against speech freedom rights, that black people claim they don’t have, but decade after decade it is only their voices the world hears. White voices are silenced by louder, more aggressive and more violent black voices.

What matters to black people – are white people. They deny it, but they never stop thinking about them, talking about them, dressing and eating like them, going where they go, doing what they do. They want everything white people like – and more. They compete against white – in everything. Whatever white does black wants to do better. They don’t say anything to anyone that isn’t sprinkled with talk about white people.

Black people are obsessed with white people. It’s like a sickness. An addiction. Rich whites, that’s all they care about. And they think all whites are privileged, when in fact, it’s the black people who get the preferential treatment in all areas of allocated resources.

When you hire a black person, you can’t fire them. That’s extreme discrimination.

When the government pays businesses to hire black people, that’s extreme discrimination.

Minorities come first in a democracy. Why?

We live in a democracy where the majority is suppose to rule, but the minorities want to rule. And they mostly do – through aggression and violence.

White people are not the problem.

Fourteen million white people living below the poverty line haven’t been heard yet.

Extreme discrimination is the problem.

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