Black Lives Terrorists And Antifa Change Their Minds

Black Lives Terrorists And Antifa Change Their Minds

Protestors deride and decry the European immigrants coming to America to compete for land and resources with the Indians who already migrated here long before.

Yet now BLT & ANTIFA support immigrants coming from Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, pretty much from anywhere in the world to do the same thing.

What’s the difference between then and now? All immigrants impose their cultures and mores onto the new places they inhabit.

Why do Black Lives Terrorists and Antifa think it was a bad thing centuries ago, but a good thing now?

What made them change their minds?

So whom did the Indian immigrants, from wherever they came, displace when arriving in what is now called America? Either other people whom no one knows about, and all the other animals.

Did they ever conduct some horrific terror campaigns against all four legged beings, and those with wings – to this day – all the while claiming to respect the ones they enslave, torture and slaughter.

Now that’s some evil working in the minds of those who robbed the habitats from all the wild life existing where they landed.

Why if Antifa is pro-animal rights don’t they go onto the reservations and take down all those mounted animal heads and teepees made from skins ripped from the backs of terrified, innocent, guilty of only being born, feeling, breathing animals, while tied down and still alive – and shoes, boots, coats, all of it, burn it? Why only burn cities? White people aren’t the cause of American Indian behavior. That was well established long before a European stepped foot on this continent.

Scalping people? Torturing people? How long can we keep them alive to torture them? Skinning people alive? This history is all okay with BLT and Antifa? Why pity people who engage in torture by letting them off the hook, because what? Why?

You tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus on behalf of the Indians? To bring them into your terrorist tent? Because somebody gave him credit for discovering America and trading in human slaves? Who wouldn’t recruit some of the most brutal people on the planet? A terrorist organization for sure.

Blacks sold their own people. Is anybody burning Africa? They procreated for the purpose of selling their own. They figured they owned them, so they were theirs to do with as they please. They still sell people in Africa. All over the world actually.

The Spanish want to be sold. They’ll work in slaughterhouses for low wages just to get their foot into the door of America. You think their handlers aren’t masters? Of course they are. Yeah, slaughter, they like to slaughter. The indigenous people of Mexico, the Mayans, are in that category of the most brutal people on the planet. Should we feel sorry for them? Because they’re not White European? They’re Spanish European, aren’t they? Or are they Chinese – come on get your heritage story straight.

Why isn’t Antifa burning Mexico, you know, because all those Spaniards who immigrated to Mexico, displacing the Indians? What? No fault, no blame there? For terrorist groups claiming to be anti-prejudice and discrimination, there’s a lot of it going on under that terrorist tent. Spain colonized, France colonized, a lot of countries colonized.

Why do you think there are 547 recognized Indian Nations in the USA? Do you think maybe they don’t play well with others? They were butchering and scalping each other before the pale faces ever showed up. Did they show the newcomers any compassion? I don’t think so.

BLT and Antifa support slavery.

Huffington Post makes their journalists work for free. Word Press does the same with their happiness engineers. They have to want it though. There’s a difference between ‘against one’s will and eager to participate without pay’.

That’s the “slavery loophole” that business people in every country use. How do they support themselves? They must come from rich families or they all secretly work for the government. If they have a paying day job and volunteer for the second job, that must mean Huff Post and Word Press are charitable organizations and they’re not. I’ve learned from volunteering that most people who don’t get paid for a service don’t give their best performance.

The owners like to call their subjects apprentices. That’s a good one, call the slaves apprentices to keep the slave master hunters at bay.

They’re everywhere. I wonder where BLT and Antifa will strike next?


Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future.

You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


It’s time to retire hardball. Everybody plays it–and all it amounts to–at the end of the day–all things being equal in a perfect world, without rushing to judgment–that it is what it is–been there done that–deja vu all over again–on so many different levels. When the other shoe drops, where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s the bottom line. If it walks like a duck, wears lipstick and if the shoe fits, then the moment of truth has arrived. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, so it appears to be DOA–dead on arrival.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

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