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Previously Unpublished

Original Happy White Horse


Looking through rose colored glasses enables you to see the hope and possibilities for a better future.

You can then look back through the lens of your present-day reality with greater confidence and determination to change what you once thought to be impossible – because you’ve already seen what that change looks like.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, the word chef™


We all have a place on this beautiful planet.

Learning to live together, rather than under threats of harm if one group doesn’t do what the other group demands of them, opens the collective mind of all the inhabitants to multitudinous ways of progressing onto a future where we all survive and thrive.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Word Chef


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A different slant on the news, a different slant on life, a different slant on the world as we once knew it, as we currently know it and as we will come to know it – that’s what Word Warrior Davies-Tight™ via HAPPY WHITE HORSE™! is all about.

Spreading a message of hope through change around the globe.

Self-written, self-edited, self-published.

One view matters. A multitude of views matter. If we all had the same views we’d be called robots. Learning comes from sharing those views unencumbered.

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